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We talk Automotive
The u-blox automotive offering
We talk Automotive
We talk Automotive
The u-blox automotive offering
million new Vehicles with Security Technology for Connectivity will be shipped in 2020
million Adaptive Cruise Control Systems will be shipped comulatively by 2025
billion US$ will be the overall value for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems by 2025 worldwide
Products and solutions for the connected vehicle and autonomous car
The Autonomous Car
Complete Portfolio of Connectivity Technologies

A single source for relevant technologies that enable customers to save resources and achieve faster time-to-market.

Connected vehicle
Car maintanence with wireless connectivity
Autonomous car
Relaxed driving: the car takes control
Product offering

Facilitating integration while maintaining scalibility
u‑blox provides the technologies for tomorrow’s connected driving experience. We help in the design of systems through close integration of our portfolio, making it easier for device manufacturers to achieve superior performance.


Here you find all cellular modules in automotive grade.

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

The Short Range Radio product line in automotive grade open up possiblities for new applications.


Check out our specific V2X offering.

Position & Time

Now offering the superior positioning modules in automotive grade.

V2X technology
V2X technology

Vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I), collectively known as V2X, has set out to enable a new era in road safety and traffic efficiency. V2X will pave the way for the safe, reliable, and truly autonomous vehicle. But what is needed to make this shift happen? And what will it mean for your every-day-life? And your business?

Innovation for automotive applications
Innovation for automotive applications

Find out more about our innovations for automotive applications: Automotive Dead Reckoning, Untethered Dead Reckoning, V2X communication, and solutions for autonomous driving.